How to Introduce Speech Therapy to Children

How to Introduce Speech Therapy

How to Introduce Speech Therapy to Children

Does your child have difficulty pronouncing words, articulating sounds or communicating verbally? Many Australian kids have speech and language disorders, but the good news is that these impairments and disorders can be treated with speech and language therapy. If you feel your child could benefit from therapy for stuttering, literacy or language skills, you’ll need to find the right speech language therapist. But with such a diverse range of therapies and speech pathology clinics in Newcastle and nationwide, which one is right for your child?

Finding the right speech therapist for your child and starting the therapy and treatment process isn’t difficult. Moreover, due to the importance of timely speech therapy for kids with speech disorders like stuttering, articulation disorders and communication disorders that prevent them from expressing themselves, it isn’t something to delay or postpone either. As numerous studies show, children with speech and language impairments often experience anxiety, depression and other clinical issues if communication disorders aren’t treated.

Here are a few helpful tips to help you find the right therapist for your child’s speech and language development needs, introduce your child to speech therapy and start the process.

Different Therapists for Different Needs

Speech therapists treat a diverse range of speech, language and communication disorders, with many specialising in specific therapies while others specialise in general speech therapy for toddlers or children. It’s ideal to find a speech pathologist who specialises in the kind of therapy your child needs, however, as the therapy required usually isn’t evident until the initial assessment, look for a speech and occupational therapy clinic with a diverse team.

Convenient Location and Payment Options

Some children require intensive speech therapy (numerous sessions over a short period) while others can improve with weekly sessions and others may need several sessions a week for extended periods. The time frames involved vary significantly depending on the disorder, the severity of the disorder, the child’s age and many other factors, so treatment can take a few weeks, a few months, or even a few years, and the cost can add up over time.

Some families will have access to speech therapy through the NDIS while others may be eligible for Medicare and others may find they need private medical insurance. This is something you’ll need to investigate and it means finding a conveniently located speech therapist offering suitable payment options is an important consideration for most families.

Introducing Your Child to Speech Therapy

Finding the right speech therapist for your child’s speech and language development needs is extremely important but so too is the way your child is introduced to speech therapy. Your child needs to feel comfortable with the therapist (which is an important consideration when choosing a therapist) and they also need to feel comfortable with treatment in general. Ensure the therapist you choose makes speech therapy fun, and look for ways to make at-home exercises interesting and engaging for your child, like interactive smartphone apps.

Educare is a trusted provider of speech therapy services in Newcastle. If you’d like to learn more about our services and why we’re the right speech therapists for your child and their speech/language development needs, call 02 4067 3753, contact us online or book an appointment today.

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