Behaviour Support

What is a Behaviour Support Provider?

A Registered Behaviour Support Provider (RBSP) is a trained professional certified to offer behaviour support services. They specialise in behaviour analysis and positive behaviour support, helping individuals with diverse needs such as developmental disabilities or mental health challenges.

RBSPs conduct assessments, create tailored behaviour support plans, and collaborate with families, caregivers, and educators to implement evidence-based interventions.

They ensure ethical practice and adhere to professional standards while promoting the safety, dignity, and rights of their clients. RBSPs monitor progress, adjust interventions, and provide ongoing training to support networks, aiming to enhance the individual’s quality of life and foster independence within their community.

What are the components of Behaviour Support?

  • Collaboration: Behaviour support involves collaboration to enhance an individual’s capacity, working with family, educators, and service providers.
  • Evidence-Based Practice: PBS (Positive Behaviour Support) is an evidence-based approach encompassing assessment, planning, and intervention to improve a person’s quality of life.
  • Primary Objectives: The main objective is to enhance the individual’s well-being, with a secondary aim to reduce the frequency and intensity of concerning behaviours while minimising restrictive practices.

Practitioner’s Role:

  • Assessment: Conducts an assessment to understand the individual’s needs and behaviours.
  • Behaviour Support Plan: Formulates a comprehensive “behaviour support plan” encompassing various components.
  • Components: Includes enhancements to the physical environment, communication strategies, stimulus management, and methods for teaching new, more functional, or socially acceptable behaviours.
  • Measurement: Key elements often involve measuring behaviours to evaluate change and enhancing the skills of individuals within the support network.

What is a Behaviour Support Plan (BSP)?

  • Tailored Document: A BSP (Behaviour Support Plan) is a document tailored to address behaviours of concern, employing individualised strategies responsive to the client’s needs.
  • Emphasis on Person-Centered Supports: It emphasises evidence-based and person-centered supports, targeting the root causes/functions of behaviour to enhance the client’s quality of life.
  • Support Strategies: Equips support providers with strategies to respond to behaviours of concern and establishes a supportive environment to minimise their occurrence.
  • Funding Options: Typically funded through NDIS plans or OOHC (Out Of Home Care) agencies, BSPs can also be requested as a full-fee service, although this is less common.
  • Customisation: When developing a BSP, the aim is to align the content with the specific requirements of the funding program, such as NDIS, if applicable, and tailor the supports relative to the environment and situation, e.g., at home, in the school or in the community.