A Medical Perspective to the Brain and Nervous System

Neurology Services Charlestown

Adult Neurology is an area of medicine that treats adolescents from age 16 years to adult patients.

Adult Neurologists diagnose and treat problems involving the brain, spinal cord, nerves and muscles. Adult Neurologists are both trained in general medicine and Neurology.

Common Neurological problems are:





Weakness of limbs or face

Involuntary movements

Muscle spasms

Difficulties with memory

Abnormal behaviour

Neurological tests: The Neurologist will usually take a history and perform a Neurological exam. At times the Neurologist will also examine the heart, skin and other parts of the body. Neurologists often refer for an MRI or CT scan of the brain, an EEG (trace of brain activity) or nerve testing (nerve conduction tests). Sometimes more comprehensive tests are considered. If these tests are needed, the Neurologist will explain them to you in detail and why the testing would be of benefit to you.

Neurological treatment: This can be life-style adjustments, medication, physiotherapy or speech pathology. Botox treatment can be given if required and is often used for refractory migraines or persistent and difficult to treat involuntary movements.