Specialist Support for children and teens on the Autism Spectrum

Autism Specialist Charlestown

The EDUCARE Early Intervention Program is designed to provide understanding and engagement and to build on the strengths and aspirations of children and teens on the Autism Spectrum or otherwise known as ASD.

The focus of our early intervention program centres on preparing children on the spectrum for everyday life, as well as a successful transition to school.

How we work

Our Program has a strong family-centred approach, with goals and plans developed by EDUCARE clinicians in partnership with the families of the children.

By embracing collaboration, a consistent approach is developed to address behaviour, language, social and literacy skills development.

As an approved diagnostic centre for Autism, the services are delivered by a range of in-house specialists including Paediatricians, Psychiatrists; Clinical, Educational and Child Psychologists; Speech-Language Pathologists; Occupational Therapists; and Specialist Support Teachers.

Early intervention funding

Families may access Early Intervention Services at EDUCARE with Medicare support or through the NDIS program.  Our NDIS Coordinator can provide guidance and assistance to families wishing to access NDIS support.

How we help

Children who experience Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) are all different and therefore have differing needs. Some of our program objectives include:

Developing self regulation skills

Developing social skills

Fostering emotional wellbeing

Developing gross and fine motor skills

Developing communication and language skills

Establishing foundational skills for learning

Fostering play and imitating skills

Advancing daily living skills

Generalising skills across environments

Preparing for school transition

The approach we take with your child will depend on his or her specific challenges and the way they respond to learning new skills.