Do I need a psychologist?

do I need a psychologist

When life throws you challenge after challenge, it can get overwhelming.

Sometimes you need a break, sometimes you need a friend, and sometimes you need a

Different views on psychotherapy around the world

Attitudes towards mental health help-seeking across cultures vary heavily. In Argentina, for example, almost every single person is in therapy. It is seen as something preventive everyone can benefit from, not as an indication of mental health issues. Just like seeing a dentist once a year, before you have any cavities. In developing countries, on the other hand, seeing a psychologist is associated with embarrassment.

Research from different European universities shows how 73% of people living in Spain feel comfortable talking about personal problems with a professional, where only 43% of Germans would feel okay with it. 1

There’s also a big difference between generations. This was studied by the University of South Florida. Where younger people are more likely to see a therapist for smaller challenges, such as a lack of confidence or dealing with a relationship break-up, older generations tend to only consider therapy for severe mental disorders, such as schizophrenia or suicidal feelings.

That is why they perceive seeing a therapist as admitting there is something seriously wrong. Interestingly, people older than 65 in this study also described themselves as less knowledgeable about mental health and indicated they wish they knew more about mental health and when it is appropriate to seek help. Still, 30% of young people felt the same way. 2

So we see people of all ages reaching out, telling us they wish they knew when it is okay to ask for help. Here is their answer:

Mental health: at what point should you seek professional help?

Overall, regardless of the culture, most people still wait until they hit rock bottom to seek help. Attitudes are changing, and more people are deciding to go see a therapist sooner. But many people still wait too long.

– The question shouldn’t even be: “when to go into therapy”

Yes, you can wait until you feel burned out. Until you see no more hope. But you don’t have to. Life is one big obstacle course, and our way of living it is more and more individual, closed off from others. Disconnected.

A psychologist is not just here to help you with going from depressed to normal. We are also here to help you go from normal to great. To help you deal with difficult situations, grow as a person, and develop your talents. To find that connection again.

Seeing a therapist does not mean there is something seriously wrong, it means things are about
to get better.

That is why the question shouldn’t be, when to go into therapy. The question should be: how do I find the right therapist for me? Finding someone you feel comfortable with, is key to improving your life and how you feel.

My name is Rosien, I am a clinical psychologist, and I have seen several psychologists myself. They were all wonderful – but it was only once I found the right person, I started improving, changing, growing.

Our Educare team is here for you, so if you want to talk to someone, reach out. We will happily help you find the right person for you.

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