Autistic Spectrum Disorder

EDUCARE is working with the University of Newcastle by offering novel ways of testing speech comprehension difficulties in children with an Autistic Spectrum Disorder.

Understanding speech is often compromised in children with autism.

This usually goes hand in hand with essay editing us other sensory difficulties, such as tolerating noisy environments or linking sounds or words to what it means. EDUCARE offers a broad range of speech and occupational therapies for children with these kinds of problems. However, it is often difficult to pinpoint the nature of the problem.

For instance, a child may not be as competent in understanding spoken words when compared to other children the same age. This problem may look like a speech comprehension problem but it may well be brought on by a compromised sensory processing of sounds. In this case, an intervention into the compromised sensory processing is crucial when aiming to improve speech competency.

In order to find out whether a child has such a sensory processing deficit, EDUCARE has commenced a research project with the University of Newcastle by measuring the brain waves of children when listening to sounds. The brain waves are recorded as an EEG and then processed on a college papers computer in order to extract the brain’s response to the sounds. This allows finding out whether there is a sensory processing deficit which requires a targeted intervention.

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