Dear Clients & Families,

As you probably know, it’s our goal and mission to reach and help as many within our community as we can. No matter what your circumstances, we want to help.

Today I’m thrilled to bring you the EDUCARE MobiMag Edition 5! Full of interesting reads and Educare updates to bring the 2022 to a close and welcome with gusto, 2023!

The Holiday Season is readily upon us, and for many this is a time to celebrate, relax, go on summer adventures, join with family & friends and earn a deserved break. We recognise for many others though, this can be a stressful time or preparation, juggling commitments and continuing on with work-life balance. In this edition of MobiMag, we provide some stress-busting tips, advice on practicing gratitude and a few articles on preparing our children for school.

The theme for this edition is a focus on Happy Holidays & New Beginnings for 2023 – fresh starts, opportunities without restriction and coping with the anxieties and expectations of what that brings.

The articles in this edition address the following topics of interest:

    • Article 1 – Gratitude
    • What’s On at EDUCARE
    • Article 2 – SP – pre-literacy reading
    • Article 3 – SMART goal setting
    • Group Programs at EDUCARE for 2023
    • Article 4 – Separation Anxiety & preparing for Childcare
    • Article 5 – Stress Busting Tips for Families over the Holidays

Happy holidays, Season Greetings and all the best for your New Year, we look forward to supporting you into 2023!

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