Meagan Reid

Meagan Reid

Bachelor of Psychology (Honours); Bachelor of Business
Registration PSY0001628030; Assoc MAPS

Meagan completed her Psychology degree at the University of Newcastle, following on to gain experience in the vocational counselling field assisting people of all ages to overcome psychological barriers to employment. Meagan is extremely passionate about assisting people find the motivation to solve problems and overcome adversity; and encouraging them to do so in a way which empowers them.

Meagan is trained in a variety of therapeutic approaches including Motivational Interviewing, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy which enables a flexible therapeutic approach.

Meagan has lots of experience in both group and individual therapies; and her areas of expertise include depression, anxiety, panic, social phobia, sleep difficulties, trauma, pain, motivation, self-esteem and confidence, grief, addiction, mindfulness and relaxation.

Meagan has a specific interest in working with adolescents and young people; assisting with the identification of personal values and providing skills to live consistently with those values resulting in the creation of fulfilling life goals.