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Workcover Management Early, safe and durable return to work

Under the WorkCover injury management system, the aim of psychological intervention is to allow an early, safe and durable return to work for injured workers. The research shows us that a biopsychosocial approach is essential in managing and treating persistent pain and psychological injuries.

 The role of a psychologist in this approach is to:

  • Identify the barriers to recover with a focus on those psychosocial factors
  • Determine the most effective treatment approach
  • Provide the injured worker with the skills to self-manage their injury
  • Educate the worker regarding the nature of their problem and on strategies such as goal setting, pacing and relaxation
  • Focus on functionality, improve the person’s capacity to return to usual activities and return to work

This treatment is not only for individuals suffering from a psychological injury. Any WorkCover client who has a physical injury but is also exhibiting the following may benefit from counselling:

  • Nil improvement with regard to pain/functional ability
  • Signs of depression/anxiety
  • Adjustment issues with regard to injury/pain
  • Anger issues

An injured worker is able to gain access for an initial assessment and up to 5 counselling sessions with a referral from their treating doctor. This can be done by simply noting counselling on the treatment management plan section of the medical certificate.

If it is determined that the individual requires further sessions, EDUCARE will provide a treatment plan outlining progress made and future goals of therapy which is submitted to the insurer for approval. Throughout the entire process however, EDUCARE will ensure consistent and ongoing open communication to obtain the best result for the injured worker.