Cherie Gibson Family & Child Therapist

Bachelor of Education (Primary) Hons
Diploma of Counselling
Grad Dip in Family Therapy in progress
M.A.C.A. Registration No. 11318

Cherie Gibson is a Family Law Counsellor and has over 20 plus years experience in the education and counselling sectors working with parents, children and families, particularly in the area of child development, effective parenting, conflict resolution, family separation and strengthening family relationships.

Cherie specialises in improving outcomes for families through a balance of child focused and child inclusive counselling practices, psycho-education and child consultancy. She works with families in the home and clinic and provides families with a variety of tools and strategies to strengthen relationships within the family unit.

Cherie also specialises in supporting families through the transition of family separation which is a time of grief, loss and turmoil for all members of the family. Cherie has completed additional professional development with the Mental Health Academy to become a Family Law Counsellor enabling her to provide additional support to those families embarking and progressing through the Family Law Court.

Cherie has a strong interest and understanding of child development, behavioural issues and ASD and the impact this can have on the way family members relate to each other.

Cherie is a regular presenter at state and national conferences in the area of parenting and building resilience in children. Cherie is also a registered facilitator for Parents Under Pressure and Bringing Up Great Kids.