Joy Hirst

Joy Hirst

B.Sp.Path (Hons)
Hanen Certified
Registered sounds-write linguistic phonics practitioner
Member of Speech Pathology Australia
Medicare Specialist, Private Health Fund and NDIS Provider

Speech-Language Pathologist Joy Hirst works full time with young children, teenagers and adults to develop and improve their communication skill. Joy utilizes a functional and holistic approach integrating and partners with the families and multidisciplinary team including: General Practitioners, Paediatricians, Psychologists, Occupational Therapists, and Teachers to provide evidence based therapy sessions.

Joy is a Hanen Certified ‘It Takes Two to Talks’, Speech-Language Pathologist. The Hanen Program provides specialist guidance and support for parents to develop their child’s language and social skills. The program is particularly valuable for those children with severe language delays and on the Autism Spectrum.

As a registered Sounds-Write practitioner, Joy delivers a quality phonics program providing a comprehensive system to develop reading, spelling and writing for those children who are delayed. Sound Write is a highly structured, multi-sensory, incremental and code-oriented, instructional approach to teaching children to read and spell.

Joy provides therapies to develop expressive and receptive language delays, articulation, fluency (stuttering) difficulties, Social Skills development phonological awareness and literacy delays. For the younger children she utilizes engaging play based therapies partnered with parent training.