Vocational Advisory Program

Successful students are often characterised as those with a clear set of goals and who take initiative in pursuing them. Successful students don’t just guess, rather they take great care in making smart decisions.

Experience suggests that 60-70% of Year 10-12 students do not have a clear perspective of their own career aspirations or where to find the relevant information. And yet career choice is one of the most important decisions young people will make.

While parents often feel helpless in assisting their children through the HSC, parents can help with this important decision by seeking the appropriate professional support.

Importantly, undertaking the challenges of the HSC or further study and training beyond school life, are made easier if students have a clear career goal. It enables students then to take all the necessary steps in a systematic and direct way.

The choices students make will determine their job satisfaction, earnings, even location.
Therefore it is important to make informed decisions based on quality information. Spending time planning towards a career will result in better outcomes now and in the future. That is, planning is the key to motivation, focus and successful outcomes.

Features of the Program include:

  • Provides UAI Analysis/Projections and HSC Subject Selection Advice
  • Broadens horizons by looking at the whole range of occupations
  • Confirms (or otherwise) existing ideas and provides back-up suggestions
  • Often suggests jobs not heard of, or not previously considered
  • Pitched at multiple levels from minimal training to graduate professions
  • Provides working conditions and pros and cons for careers identified
  • Provides information relating to Australian Course Providers
  • Provides Scholarship and Trainee Assistance
  • Provides Application, Resume and Interview guidance
  • Provides a detailed written report with action plan

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