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Speech, Reading, Writing & Social Skills

Do you feel like your child is not at the same level as their siblings or peers with their speech, reading, writing or social skills?

We can help your child improve their speech, and their reading and writing skills. Your child will start to enjoy learning new things, having better relationships with other children and adults, and gain new confidence at school which helps lead to improved results.

What we specialise in:

  • Speech: If your child is having trouble speaking clearly or pronouncing words then our qualified speech pathologists can help.
  • Language/understanding: If your child is having trouble understanding instructions, understanding ideas and general conversation or can’t communicate their thoughts effectively, then we can help improve their communications skills.
  • Literacy: If your child is having trouble reading and writing we can help with rapid improvement of their comprehension skills and writing skills.
  • Social Skills: Does your child have trouble making new friends? We can help with your childs understanding of social situations, both verbal and non-verbal information, helping your child’s ability to make new friends
  • Fluency/Stuttering: If your child is stuttering? We can help them speak more fluently and with greater confidence
Do I need to have a referral to see the speech therapist and occupational therapist?

No referral is needed for Speech or OT therapy. However, the clinician will assess if your child/you are eligible for the Chronic Disease Care Plan that provides a Medicare rebate of $55 for five annual sessions with a Speech and Occupational Therapist. Please note it is a total of 5 sessions with a speech therapist or occupational therapist; OR 5 sessions divided between the two clinicians if the client needs to see both clinicians.