Social Skills Programs

The EDUCARE Social Skills Programs are designed to teach children skills in creating and maintaining positive friendships and succeeding in social environments.

This training is particularly useful for children who lack social skills or are particularly anxious. Children graduate from this program with enhanced self- esteem and social confidence.

Content of the program is adapted for age groups from Kindergarten through to High School aged young people.

The program covers:

  • 1Identity: Why am I special? What do I like?
  • 2Communication: Listening, Speaking and Waiting.
  • 3Staying Calm: Anger and Anxiety Management.
  • 4Making Friends: How to identify good friends.
  • 5Bully Busting: How to identify Bullys and how to overcome Bully’s.
  • 6Taking turns and playing fair.
  • 7Being a Good Friend: Keeping Friends.
  • 8New things: Coping with Change
  • 9Participants in groups of six or more students will be entitled to a Medicare Rebate. Recipients of FaHCSIA funding will be entitled to participate in these groups under their funding entitlement.

Contact us for further information or to place your child on a waiting list for the next Social Skills Group.