Our Specialties

  • Paediatric Services: A Medical Perspective to Developmental Issues

    EDUCARE provides paediatric services that in-turn provides a medical perspective to the various behavioural and developmental presentations that often arise with children.

    The EDUCARE Paediatrician treats children of all ages, from newborns to school-leavers, and has special expertise in addressing behavioural and developmental difficulties. The Paediatrician works closely with the multi-disciplinary specialists within the practice.

  • Psychiatry Services: A Medical Perspective to Mental Health

    EDUCARE have a team of Consulting Psychiatrists who are able to bring a medical perspective to identifying underlying concerns as well as to the diagnosis and treatment of clients who are experiencing more significant mental health concerns.

    The consulting Psychiatrists at EDUCARE are well known for their expertise and experience in working with children, adolescents and adults and are specialised in the early detection and management of mental illness.

    The Psychiatrists work closely with their multi-disciplinary colleagues in providing the necessary and appropriate ongoing treatment that may be required

  • Brain Imaging Services – EEG

    The EDUCARE Psychiatrists also provide ‘Brain Imaging Services” (EEG) as an additional form of assessment that compliments the traditional assessments by Psychologists, Speech and Occupational Therapists.

    Observations of how a child behaves or learns are extremely useful in the diagnosis of learning, behavioural, and emotional problems. But it is also very useful to have ways of objectively assessing a child’s brain to detect immaturities and inefficiencies of function.

    The most suitable objective tests are neuro-electrophysiological tests (known as electroencephalograms or EEGs). They are completely safe and take approximately 30 minutes to perform. For more information, consult the website or contact EDUCARE by phone 02-49434444.

  • Clinical, Educational and Developmental Psychology

    Psychologists look at the way people think, feel and learn and how these factors can influence their everyday lives.

    The EDUCARE Psychologists are experienced in the initial assessment and diagnosis and in the provision of therapy required to address the psychological, emotional, social, developmental and learning needs of our clients.

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