Pregnancy Support Services

Pregnancy and Parenthood are a time where women need all the support, assistance and guidance possible and the security of knowing that they are not alone and there is help out there.

For many women pregnancy, birth and motherhood are times of great excitement, joy and wonder. But there can also be moments of fear, uncertainty, anxiety, regret and sorrow.

EDUCARE has specially trained psychologists who are able to assist with issues or concerns regarding pregnancy – regardless if the pregnancy is planned or unplanned or if the pregnancy proceeded to term.

The support is not just related to issues of pregnancy but also covers the birthing process and the number of issues the initial stages of parenthood can raise.

There are a number of issues that pregnancy can raise:

  • 1Decisions related to an unplanned pregnancy
  • 2The impact of a planned pregnancy on current lifestyle
  • 3The birthing process
  • 4Unexpected outcomes, such as miscarriage, complications, genetic conditions
  • 5Difficulties with motherhood
  • 6Parenting/Family Issues

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