Literacy & Numeracy Programs

At EDUCARE we believe that the key to successful learning is the development of sound educational practices and skill development.

The goal of this specialist program is to develop the literacy and/or the numeracy skills of primary-age children in a very targeted and systematic way. Importantly, such skill development at this early stage serves as the foundation for successful learning experiences throughout school and beyond. 

The children are allocated to a small group weekly session according to age and learning needs with programs designed to reflect the learning needs of each child.

Strategies in concentration and processing speed are included in each session, as well as social skills to help children in developing healthy relationships with their peers. A key element includes some interactive learning experiences both as a group and also with the use of laptops and IT interactive software.

The main focus areas for the literacy sessions include:

  • Concentration activities
  • Active listening activities
  • Sounds and spelling development
  • Reading fluency
  • Writing strategies, including text types
  • Editing and punctuation skills

The main focus areas for the mathematics sessions include:

  • Number drills
  • Mathematical concepts
  • Hands-on activities
  • Questioning and problem solving activities

For more in-depth information, please contact us.